Here you will find additional resources that will be helpful with informing you and assisting you during your pregnancy and birth. Childbirth Class Instrctors, Doulas, and Nutrition resources are below.


Childbirth Education Classes are an essential part of your pregnancy and birth experience. They are designed to make a woman and her partner feel more confident about their upcoming birth. There are many different classes to choose from. Some focus on information, providing you with reading material and/or videos educating you on pregnancy, labor and birth process, and postpartum and newborn care. Others provide that in addition to a tool that would be helpful for you to have during your labor process. That tool can be breathing techniques (Lamaze), husband/partner coached natural childbirth (Bradley), or self hypnosis (Hypnobirthing). You can choose your class based on what fits your personality or what you think might be most helpful to you. In all classes you will learn how to work with your body’s signals and trust yourself to give birth normally and naturally. The classes will help you, as parents, make informed choices about yours and your baby’s care. 

It is strongly recommended that you attend Childbirth Education Classes during your first pregnancy and sometimes as a refresher course during subsequent pregnancies. We don't currently offer on site classes but below is a list of educators to choose from. As you become aware of other resources please don't hesitate to help us grow our list!


List of Childbirth Preparation Classes

Amadoma Bediako at Eye Addom Childbirth Services 
Private, at home, classes available

Ancient Song Doula 
workshops & doula support
(347) 480-9504
Visit their website for more information and details:!events/c12ry

Beth Donnelly Caban
yoga & childbirth education 

Birth Day Presence offers a variety of childbirth education classes. Visit their website for information and details.

Carriage House Birth- Childbirth education & Doula Support

Birth Focus-

Bradley Birth-


Silvie Falschlunger

Healthy Start Brooklyn

For those who are eligible for WIC and/or Medicaid

Contact: Gabriela Ammann 718-637-5231 to register


 Karma Cloud-

DoulaChronicles offers private in home childbirth education


Our Doula Services are not exclusive to Dyekora Sumda clients, and are open to all families. They are designed to give the new mother professional labor support before, during and after the birthing experience.

  • A birth doula assists the mother and father with preparing and carrying out their birth plan. She is an understanding, caring, nurturing presence able to help a laboring mother through her emotional journey into motherhood.

  • A postpartum doula offers the mother support and friendship during the first few hours and days after the birth of her baby. A doula can help with newborn care, preparing meals and light household cleaning while the family is adjusting to their new addition.

Doula Resource List

Below is a list of Doulas whom I have either worked with or made contact with as a result of networking. A doula is a very important part of your birth experience. If you find that no one on this list suits you please feel free to continue your search with or

Ancient Song Doula Services: 
(347) 480-9504
sliding scale

Mamu; Sacred Crowning Birthing Services: 
(646) 425-9217

Rina Crane, Doula Rina: 
(917) 340-1459

Amadoma, Eye Addom Childbirth Services: 
(718) 217-4524, (646) 210-7803

Monet Mindell - Premium Doula Services; Lamaze certified; Certified Doula; MS Clinical Sociologist: (917) 975-5921

NYC Doula Collective:

Efe Osaren CD, CLC

Kyra Caruso: (347) 471-3614

Nicole Heidbreder, Doula & Childbirth Educator: (917) 528-1855 ,

Clearbirth Prenatal & Labor Support: (347) 262-6321

Jordana Phokompe: (718) 360-1770

Adriane Rozier: (212) 567-0125

Ilana: (917) 216-6445

Denala Ndake Hall: (347) 598-3473

SciHonor: (212) NYMOM-01

Shara Daniels: (718) 637.1170

Erica Shane: (941) 400-4347