Advantages of Home Birth

You may have been exposed to various opinions about home birth. So we just wanted to let you know some of the good things about it. Dyekora Sumda Midwifery will always respect a woman’s right to choose her birth setting. However, as we are primarily a home birth practice, and you have visited us to learn more about it, here are some things to consider when pondering birth at home.

  1. When you become active in labor, you don't have to leave familiar surroundings and travel to another place to birth your baby.

  2. You can have as many people there as you want, supporting you, nurturing you, providing all your needs.

  3. Mother and baby are not separated at birth so the mother-infant bonding process begins sooner.

  4. Studies show that for low-risk women, birth at home is as safe (if not safer) than in the hospital.

  5. You avoid the “cascade of events” that can lead to a cesarean section.*

  6. Breastfeeding begins sooner and is easier to establish in the comfort of your own home.

  7. You can eat and drink and walk around as you please, working with gravity and your body’s natural rhythms and movements to facilitate the birth of your child.

  8. You decrease your chance of infection and episiotomy.

  9. You receive individualized care and the full attention of your care provider because there isn’t someone else down the hall needing their attention as well.

  10. You increase your chance of a non-medicated birth where you and your baby are fully alert. You are able to enjoy the positively intoxicating effect of the hormones present at the moment of birth and the immediate postpartum period.

The “cascade of events” refers to the interventions that occur in a hospital setting because of the protocols in place for caring for pregnant women.An example would be: confinement to bed->need for medicated pain relief due to decreased mobility->decrease of baby’s heart rate due to decreased mobility and the medication received->rushed to cesarean section due to poor recovery of the baby’s heart rate because of decreased mobility and medication.