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A Midwife's Mother's Day Reflection

Being a midwife is like helping someone make a cake. Not a box cake but a scratch cake. This cake is a joint effort of the midwife and the woman who has entrusted the midwife to help make a good cake. You have to make sure you have all the ingredients. Good food (flour), exercise (baking powder), mental and spiritual stability (spices), and a supportive foundation (eggs and milk) for the cake to sit on.

The cake needs to be well done (full term).






The icing on the cake, the sweetest part, is the labor. The easiest part yet you can still run into trouble if you don't have the right proportion of ingredients. If the icing is too runny it won't cover the cake well and even though it is sweet there will be a slight "offness" to the taste. I know some you have experienced those "run through" labors that came so hard and fast you felt like you didn't know what hit you. If the icing is too stiff there won't be enough to cover the cake and it is very difficult to spread. Hands up for the 3 day labors? Balance and flexibility is needed to make that labor icing just so. And whatever your balance, and whatever your flexibility the result is a good cake.

To all the Mothers of Dyekora Sumda Midwifery Services thank you for allowing me to help you make your cakes. May you fully enjoy your sweet little treats on this Mother's Day and always.

Happy Mother's Day

Love, Peace and Blessings
Nya Memaniye