Recently I have returned to my exercise grind. I started slowly, getting myself ready by doing some things at home with iphone apps and videos. Sit ups, leg exercises, yoga, cardio. I also went to dance classes; Congolese, belly dance. Things that were fun.

After a couple of months, I felt I was ready to get back in the water and start doing some laps. I love the water and it got to a point where I felt like it was calling me. "Come on in Memaniye the water is fine". So I went. I also started going to classes at the gym. Water aerobics, total body conditioning. Classes were killers!

I was sore for 2 days after but I felt good.

You know, that good exercise, no pain no gain soreness.

The kind that has you holding on to SOMETHING, ANYTHING just to sit down on the toilet!!

Of course I was unsure, even a little afraid, of going back in to the water because of the chlorine. I thought, "I've done really well with my  program and my diet and I hope I don't throw things off by exposing myself to so much chlorine. I hope my body is at a point that it can handle it". 

Well, after my second or third water aerobics class I was consumed with the smell of chlorine to the extent that it was making me feel sick. At first I thought it was just the smell and once I could get it washed off I'll be ok. That didn't happen. Even after the smell wore off I still felt ill. I thought, "Oh, oh! Here it goes, I done did it. This chlorine has affected my body".

My symptoms included extreme fatigue, cough, runny nose, feeling of feverishness (although no actual fever), headache (that I located at the top of my head and felt like it came through my brain down to my sinuses).  

When I went to see my practitioner I recanted my story about going back to swimming and thinking that the chlorine was now affecting my body. Like all good practitioners she said ok, let's see what the body has to say. Long story short, chlorine did not show up anywhere in my body. However, my thyroid was totally out of wack.

I started a new supplement to support the thyroid and within 24 hours I was feeling 90% better. (Runny nose was still a bit of an issue). My energy was back and I felt like I could stand up without wanting to lie down right where I stood. It was a good thing too because the next day I had two births to attend!

I thought about all I know about the thyroid and finally made the connection. I had exercise induced thyroid imbalance that created flu like symptoms. Here are some things I learned from this experience:

1. The cause for your symptoms is not always what you think it is.


2. I got a real physical reality (twice) on how sensitive the thyroid is and how much of the body's functions it controls

3. It's awesome to have a Nutrition Response Testing(TM) practitioner to go to in order to sort things out without medication or invasive testing who can pinpoint the issue and give you the very right thing that will set things back in order quickly.

Now, I'm feeling good. Not only have I not stopped working out but my stamina is improved and I just generally feel stronger. One thing I didn't mention before is that when I was doing the more rigorous activity I would feel like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I thought it was just a matter of me needing to get used to aerobics again. But in just one day after giving my thyroid the exact right food I can feel the difference in my heart. The classes are still kicking my butt but I don't feel like my heart is "hurting".

Exercise induced thyroid imbalance doesn't happen to everybody. The thyroid is not generally sensitive to exercise that it can be so easily thrown off balance in all people. Just some people. I happen to be one of those people. Are you? If you suspect you might be come see me and let's check it out. I can help.